5 influential Web3 personalities

2 March 2023


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Crypto, NFT, blockchain – would you like to find out more about Web3 and its possibilities? Discover 5 influential personalities from the Web3 Universe, to follow without moderation.

Sébastien Borget

Favorite topics: gaming, metaverse, community and entrepreneurship.

For whom? Web3 entrepreneurs.

Sébastien Borget is co-founder of The Sandbox a virtual game in the metaverse and future French unicorn. Sandbox has become one of the world’s fastest-growing games, with 40 million downloads, 70 million pieces of player-created content and over 200 companies involved.

Sébastien was elected one of the 100 most influential personalities in new technologies, and chairs the “blockchain game alliance”. A serial entrepreneur for the past 14 years, he advocates a more virtuous system and seeks to participate in the emergence of other unicorns in the metaverse ecosystem. He even sees the metaverse as a territory of conquest and social revenge, bringing opportunities for work, education, diversity and community empowerment.

Present at numerous ecosystem events, Sébastien shares his daily life on LinkedIn.

Karen Jouve

Subjects of interest: NFT, Metaverse, Blockchain, Fashion and Cryptocurrencies.

For whom? Web3 entrepreneurs.

Karen Jouve and Gilles Fedak (iExec) at the “Telescope” event organized by H7 in April 2022.

Karen Jouve is convinced that Web3 is the next major evolution in society.

Since 2017, she has been closely following blockchain news. Today, Karen shares her expertise at events, in the media, with students and as anadvisor to start-ups. In 2022, she co-founded Doors Consulting Group – Doors3, Doors Sport, Dive – which enables brands to innovate in Web3 by calling on the best skills.

Bilal El Alamy

Favorite subjects: art, finance, cryptocurrencies, gaming and entrepreneurship.

For whom? Web3 entrepreneurs.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Bilal has founded a number of projects that have made him a key player in Web3 in France.

Bilal is the co-founder of Dogami, a Web3 mobile game where players can own a 3D canine avatar in NFT form. With Dogami, Bilal aims to make NFT accessible and encourage the adoption of Web3 solutions.

Since the game’s release in 2021, Bilal has been involved in the development of two other projects, including the Blockchain Business School, a school dedicated to learning about blockchain, and PyratzLab, a start-up studio dedicated to Web3 projects.

On his LinkedIn account, Bilal shares his daily life, his experiences and his expertise in theWeb3 Universe with over 13,000 people.

Yoann Lopez

Favorite topics: finance and cryptocurrencies.

For whom? Those who want to put it into practice.

Passionate about the world of finance, Yoann Lopez democratizes the world of investing and cryptocurrencies .

Yoann founded Snowball, a newsletter that talks about finance, cryptos, savings and personal investment. With a degree in law and economics, his content is designed for people who want to learn and apply what they’ve learned. Yoann is determined to take Snowball to the next level: in 2022, he will raise over 1.6 million euros to take his project to the next level. Today, the Snowball newsletter is available free of charge or in paid format.

Paul Cryptoformation

Favourite topics: cryptocurrencies

For whom? For those who prefer video.

Paul Cryptoformation is a youtuber specializing in cryptocurrencies and co-author of the book “The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Bible”.

Paul Cryptoformation explains cryptocurrencies, their interest and how they work, in video. Since the creation of his channel in 2017, Paul has federated over 90,000 crypto enthusiasts and accumulated over 5 million views on his channel. Beyond Youtube, Paul shares his expertise through training and consulting sessions for companies and individuals.

Kelly Green


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