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Startups, large corporations, investment funds, experts, schools, gathered around a common project.

Appels à candidatures en cours

Appels à candidatures en cours

Appels à candidatures en cours

Appels à candidatures en cours

Learn, share, help each other

The community is a source of opportunities. It enables everyone to enhance their skills and achieve their goals.

Joining the H7 community means learning every day, sharing skills to accelerate progress, and ultimately expanding one's network. All within an open and inspiring space that brings people together.

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The life of the community

Each member of the community has the opportunity to thrive professionally in contact with their peers. Clubs, sharing experiences, conferences, but also social times: find your balance.
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They talk about it

Partnerships just the way we like them! Thanks to the formidable H7 team, Apec has its place in this totem pole. With monthly office hours, recurring participation in events such as 1 verre 1 job, and presentations on recruitment issues, Apec works closely with its customers to help startups successfully recruit, integrate and retain their teams! No need for POC 😏

Laurence Doumba

H7 is all about consideration and kindness. In other words, a state of mind perfectly embodied and animated by a team at the service of its startup community on a daily basis. We can only recommend it!

Jérémie Veg

What strikes me every time I visit H7 is the energy it exudes! There's always something going on: an encounter, a new challenge, an inspiration... New ideas, everywhere, all the time, breathed in by the H7 community and team.

Jérémie Spay

H7 has created a community just like its team: excellent, friendly support, combining technical skills and expertise at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. The H7 team contributes to the success of startups through its availability and by providing valuable resources. It's a pleasure to be a partner in this wonderful community.

Astrid Samuelian

As soon as we arrived, we were assigned a start-up manager to help us understand the issues we were facing and activate the levers we needed to address them effectively. With a wide range of experts, content and events always at our disposal, we feel truly supported in all business verticals. Last but not least, the community and living environment is a real plus for team emulation!

Clément Doré

The H7 is having a major impact on startup life in Lyon, providing invaluable advice and a real dynamic, as well as a place where startups can get together and share ideas, which is a great feeling when you're an entrepreneur!

Clément Martin

H7 is a great way for Invox teams to share our marketing recipes, but also to learn and be challenged. The location, the startups, the events: a great cocktail for growing together on web practices.

Guillhem Bertholet

H7 in Lyon: the perfect location for our team! Responsive staff, exciting events, stimulating community. Everything you need to succeed!

Jimmy Brumant

The H7 community is a real plus for moving forward together and opening up new horizons. Since our arrival, we've learned a great deal from the start-ups we've met, both in terms of financing and their agility and open-mindedness.

Pierre-Alexandre Boillaud
Crédit Mutuel

Our company has tripled in size in just 2 years at H7. When we arrived, we already had the product and the market, and we were looking to strengthen the brand and accelerate growth. The ecosystem and our great start-up manager helped us build our strategy and deploy it, particularly in the marketing and communication areas, where H7 brings strong added value. H7 is a super gas pedal!

Guillaume Santiago

H7 is a think-tank run by a crack team, where the sharing of experience enables us to move from an idea to a structured project, and contributes to everyone's progress.

Philippe Goure

Very quickly, we were able to create strong synergies with the dense ecosystem of foodtech start-ups on site. H7's many strategic partnerships with private and public players have enabled us to strengthen our foothold in the Lyon area, both in terms of brand awareness and business development.

Vincent Garcia

H7 is THE place for all entrepreneurs. Mutual support between companies, events to meet experts in all fields (finance, HR, marketing, etc.), support from the teams, networking, etc. And what I remember most is the community and the links created with all the other entrepreneurs with whom we support each other in our trials and tribulations, our defeats and our successes!

Yassine Tazi

A unique place, a hub of energy, talent and inventiveness! L'Incontournable in Lyon, serving meaningful innovation accompanied by a Superteam of hosts and experts

Romain Brun
iii Financing

At H7, we work with inspiring and ambitious entrepreneurs. We work in emulation with startups of different maturity. Only H7 offers such an ecosystem in Lyon, enabling it to go faster and further in its mission.

Romain Bérodier
La Batisse

Large-scale events, great content and startups, a passionate team... in short, the best entry point to Lyon's tech scene.

Romain Stanke
Le Wagon

Beyond having magnificent premises that my teams don't want to leave ;-), being at H7 has given us everything that an excellent entrepreneurial ecosystem can give you. Interact on an almost daily basis with other entrepreneurs, sharing your questions, your learnings and your state of mind. Have access to conferences almost every day, given by CEOs/CMOs/CTOs/... from France's finest start-ups. If we had to do it again, we'd do it 100 times.

Arnaud Gracieux

I came for offices, but I was way off the mark. I didn't realize that H7 had bent over backward to help us, the first time I've seen that. Quality, not generic. I almost feel like I've got an extra partner who's thinking about the company's development. PS: the icing on the cake is that, humanly speaking, they're top-notch. Cheers.

Anthony Tabuyo

When reality exceeds expectations... At first, you come for guidance and advice, but very quickly you find business, new partners, inspiring people, and much more than you could have imagined! Putting the power of people to work for digital!

Alexandre Seitz
Vestiaire Officiel

H7 is a special place, the HQ of entrepreneurs, our fortress of success. The team fosters an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual support, and we like to get together with our community to discuss our victories, our challenges, but also our failures! Workshops, training courses, events, want to learn something? It's a place of knowledge, where we can draw inspiration from success stories, learn and be coached by experienced entrepreneurs from time to time.

Anne Latanière

At Hello Charly, we were lucky enough to be among the very first start-ups to be supported by the H7, and to grow along with the H7! At the beginning there were 3 of us, now there are 23 in this unique place where we can push back the walls to grow our ambitions. Expert support, and in particular focus groups such as those with Mousketon and Invox, have enabled us to make giant strides in strategic areas.

Fatma Chouaieb
Hello Charly

- Business: 3 prestigious Lyon-based customers signed up for WeCount thanks to the H7 team - Community: 65 entrepreneurs to network with, essential when setting up a business - Fun: an attractive environment for recruiting Lyon's top talent!

Antonin Guy

Paul and I, then new partners, set up shop at H7 when we launched our business. We've said it more than once: Behind the Skills wouldn't be where it is without the dynamism of this ecosystem. We're moving after 3 years, but we intend to stay fully invested in this beautiful community!

Victor Linder
Behind the skills