4 tips to improve your project management thanks to Notion

4 April 2024
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During a meet-up organized at H7, three speaker from the Notion community shared their tips, favorite tools and best practices on how to improve your project management.

Adopted by over 80,000 start-ups, Notion is the must-have application for managing your projects, alone or with others. Affordable, it allows you to organize your tasks, manage your projects and take notes, all in a single workspace that can host up to 100 people for free.

Marie Gautron, Julie Bacconnier and Emmanuel Gutman, three entrepreneurs and Notion experts, share their best tips and advices. Here’s what we’ve learned.

Organize your time with Notion Calendar

Would you like to centralize your tools and integrate your calendar into Notion? Over the past few months, the platform has been offering a “Calendar” function to simplify organization and boost productivity.

How can you do it ?
Create your own Notion Calendar and synchronize it with other platforms! You can also create personalized booking links, integrate videoconferencing tools and customize your working views to suit your needs and optimize your organization.

Customize your workspace with templates

Once you discover Notion, the use of the templates provided by the platform can help you get to know the tool. To-do list templates, database views, editorial calendars… the possibilities are plentiful, but require a certain amount of dexterity for an effective use.

How can you do it ?
Even if the models seem complete, it’s essential to add your own personal touch, according to your objectives and needs. You can, for example, combine two templates, add properties, databases or integrate plugins, to create a unique tool, suited to your way of thinking, which will ensure better handling and efficiency.

Monitor your activity, productivity and workload

How long do you spend on each task? How much effort does each task require? What’s the added value for your company? If you have asked yourself any of these questions while looking at your to-do list, try the 1 – 3 rating method.

How can you do it ?
When you create your new task, assign a score between 1 and 3, taking into account the following criteria: amount of time spent, effort and value to your busin Once you’ve raten down all your tasks, you can easily review and prioritize them.

Improve your project management with the Russian Dolls method

Do you run several projects at the same time and want to enhance your skills in project management? Try the Russian doll method to evaluate your goals and get a global view of your most effective tasks.

How can you do it ?
This approach allows you to organize your objectives, key results and roadmaps using the sub-elements function. You can control all your projects by customizing the display of all your tasks, all on a single project page! Decide which features you want to show and keep a better track of the links between your tasks and projects with this method.

Our speakers’ top tools and plug-ins

During this talk, Notion consultants and ambassadors shared their essential project management tools and plugins:

  • Save to Notion to save a web page in a Notion database
  • Notion Boost to personalise the visual part of Notion
  • People to Notion to save a Linkedin page in the Notion database with a single click
  • Scheduled to write and publish your posts on LinkedIn
  • Superso to convert a notion page into a website and track its statistics
  • Not Forms to upload a document directly in Notion through a public user without access to the space
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