“Dans un fauteuil” with Arthur Waller, co-founder and CEO of Pennylane.

19 April 2024


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Find out more about Arthur Waller, co-founder and CEO of French unicorn Pennylane.

In 2012, Arthur and his friends found PriceMatch, a start-up specializing in revenue management.

The solution is quickly adopted by more than 700 hotels. In 2013, the start-up raised a million euros in capital before being acquired by online booking giant booking.com.

For three years, Arthur join the Booking teams as Product Owner, an experience that enable him to hone his skills and refine the idea of a new project.

“When I founded PriceMatch, there was one subject that quickly became a problem for me: accounting. Even though I had absolute confidence in my accountant.”

After interviewing over 500 business leaders, Arthur and his co-founders identified a common problem: the lack of a suitable tool for fully exploiting corporate financial data.

They founded Pennylane: the 1st platform to combine production software for accountants and a unique financial management tool for SMEs.

In 2024 just 4 years after its launch, the start-up closed a €40 million fund-raising round, becoming the first French unicorn to achieve this title since 2022.

In this conference, Arthur talks about:

  • The development and resale of PriceMatch
  • What he learned after 3 years at Booking.com
  • Pennylane’s zero to one: launch, market research, first customers, corporate culture
Selena Miniscalco


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