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10 November 2022


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Since October 2022, Lyon’s first Web3 incubator – the result of a partnership between iExec and H7 – has been offering a choice support program to 3 start-ups to boost their projects. Meet start-up Ziplo, winner of the first season 🪐

Last June, the Ziplo team won the WEB3 hackathon, organized by iExec and H7. The reward? a golden ticket to join the incubator. We spoke to Aurélie Drouvin, CEO of Ziplo, who tells us more about the project.

Hello Aurélie! What problems does Ziplo solve and what does it offer?

The idea for Ziplo was born out of several malfunctions I observed while working for an e-learning platform in the health sector:

→ CHU Internet networks restrict access to certain services. Staff and students exchange large files (course videos, work documents, databases, etc.) by USB key, compromising the IT security of schools.

→ Researchers, for their part, share highly sensitive files on their personal Drives without any real precautions – files which could, however, be the subject of a patent application.

I saw the need to create a service that would be useful to as many people as possible, accessible and easy to use, enabling 100% secure file transfer, filing and proof of anteriority for the defense of intellectual property.

And so, with my team, we created Ziplo in May 2021. An online, sovereign and innovative tool that ensures the security of creators (self-employed, VSEs and SMEs) with a two-in-one service that includes:

file transfer, 100% French, for secure exchanges

deposit files to obtain proof of anteriority, which enables you to defend your intellectual property in the event of theft, plagiarism or counterfeiting

The Ziplo interface

Who makes up the team?

The project is based around 4 complementary profiles:

Myself, Aurélie Drouvin, CEO, in charge of strategy, marketing and partnerships. I have 10 years’ experience as a political contributor and then project manager for an e-learning platform covering the whole health field.

Clément Egger, in charge of sales and product management. Founder of one of the first ESNs dedicated to Internet technologies (1995 – 75 employees), Clément has 25 years’ experience in Web and software publishing.

Florian Dupuis, CTO, in charge of architecture, network and security. Florian was a consultant at Accenture, then Director of Engineering in an ESN. It was awarded the Grand Prix EDF Pulse.

Antony Boulet, in charge of design/UX, Front & API. Antony is the creator of several SaaS solutions and mobile applications.

Clément and Aurélie, founders of start-up Ziplo at H7.

We’ ve been working together for several years through the Four Factory studio. Prior to Ziplo, the Four Factory team founded the Kayz service, which enables digital information to be securely and confidentially stored and transmitted to loved ones in the event of incapacity or death – such as advance directives, social networking accounts, private keys and so on.

Why did you join the WEB3 incubation program run by iExec and H7?

With the support of iExec and H7, we intend to continue developing the opportunities offered by Web3.

The aim is to ensure maximum security and confidentiality for Ziplo users, guaranteed by the technology itself. This is the field in which iExec has been a pioneer since 2017 and a recognized expert.

Some of the projects on our roadmap for the next 6 months of incubation:

Migrate the Binance Smart Chain timestamp to iExec. We already use time stamping on the blockchain to record the exact time of deposits (crucial when we need to prove anteriority), but want more security and confidentiality with iExec.

Develop an escrow service (preservation with predefined access clauses) for software or source code.

→ Offer our users a wallet for their intellectual property, with access conditions and a remuneration system for creators.

Go further on the subjects of governance and adoption, so that everyone can re-appropriate their data.

What has been your favorite incubator content so far?

During the first three weeks of incubation, our teams were able to take part in nearly 10 discussion and training sessions! We particularly liked :

→ Q&A with Gilles Fedak, co-founder and CEO of iExec.

→ Technical sessions with iExec teams: “Blockchain Fundamentals” with Zied Guesmi (Blockchain Engineer) and “Introduction to the operation of the iExec Stack” with Edouard Pogu and Luis Carlos Castillo-Martinez (Business Developer and Application Engineer).

→ Tech Q&A with Marcel Muller, CEO of KnowledgeX, a German Data Science marketplace based on iExec technology.

→ Individual 360° Diagnosis to share our expectations and needs.

Other highlights are planned for November. In particular, we’re looking forward to the sessions “Enjeux Juridiques de la Blockchain” with Céline Moille (Lawyer and Senior Manager at Deloitte) and “Piliers de l’Adoption” with Nelly Cornejo (Head of Adoption at iExec).

Session between Gilles Fedak (Co-Founder and CEO of iExec) and start-ups from the WEB3 incubator, on October 20.

What’s new for Ziplo?

Ziplo raises funds on the renowned Kriptown crowdfunding platform to implement its roadmap and continue its development. You can become a shareholder for as little as €10!

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