Accelerate the environmental transition by creating the world’s first soil rating agency

24 May 2023


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Discover Adrienne de Malleray’s career path: from journalism to environmental transition.

Before co-founding Genesis, Adrienne de Malleray worked for 15 years as a journalist with the Canal+ group. This experience has shaped his taste for quality information: accessible to all, synthetic and actionable.

Born into a farming family, Adrienne embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2019, working alongside Devialet co-founder Quentin Sannié.

With Genesis, they aim to create a common language between industry and farmers, with a central tool for measuring and rating the health of cultivable soils in France.

In this episode, Adrienne shares her tips for :

  • Align your personal convictions with your career path
  • Define the problem you are addressing and anticipate your customers’ needs
  • Provide quality information to all your stakeholders (customers, partners)
  • Use regulations to develop your business
Selena Miniscalco


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