MyFit Solutions: €1M to develop tailor-made products on a large scale

13 January 2022


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La Belle Histoire is a series of articles featuring entrepreneurs and their teams – the main characters – starting from where it all began – the genesis – and sharing with you the stages they went through – the epic -. What happened next? They’re still writing it 😉

Industrialization generally implies product standardization. Xavier Deshayes, founder of MyFit Solutions, is now challenging this logic to make personalization a major asset for manufacturers. It has just raised €1 million to develop its 3D acquisition software for cell phones, enabling large-scale customization.

This beautiful story begins in 2018. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Xavier was firmly convinced that one day he would set up his own business. It was from personal experience that he began to glimpse the path of entrepreneurship. A regular runner, he likes to motivate himself with music and is annoyed by having to regularly put on his headphones, which fall out with his strides.

He discovered a concept store in the United States that took photos of athletes’ ears to create a tailor-made mouthpiece for their headphones. Xavier then decided to take inspiration from this model, and embarked on an entrepreneurial venture with the ambition of making this experience even more fluid and digitized, and adapting it to other use cases on other parts of the body.

This trained engineer leaves Dassault Systèmes, after 10 years in marketing and business development, to create MyFit Solutions in 2018. He concentrates on this first project for custom earphone tips. After several months of development with his partner Jérémy Adoux, now the start-up’s CTO, the bespoke earpiece goes on sale in October 2019 with the aim of offering a real brand to the general public.

The concept was presented at CES in January 2020, where the two partners won an Innovation Award. This is a fine accolade for their smartphone-based 3D acquisition technology, accompanied by initial commercial successes with products sold in over 25 countries.

These initial successes, and the production indicators derived from their sales, confirm Xavier’s vision of developing large-scale customized products in collaboration with manufacturers in need of 3D acquisition technologies. “We have much more experience and appeal in BtoB. That’s why we have naturally focused our sales activity on this market, armed with the indicators that have given us credibility with professionals.“explains the founder.

In particular, the start-up works with Alvis Audio to create customized plugs and recommend sizes for their hearing protection products sold online, and with Auzen for the hearing aid market.

The strengths of its technology: uniform, automated, millimeter-accurate measurement, and the ability to repeat measurements with the same efficiency, significantly reducing errors and hence product returns. In this way, MyFit Solutions is transforming practices in certain markets by removing the need for physical contact with customers or patients. These strengths have encouraged companies in other sectors to collaborate with the start-up. In the medical sector, for example, they offer chest scans to detect scoliosis. They are also working with luxury players to develop their online sales by recommending ring and bracelet sizes through a digital measurement experience, whereas today most of this jewelry is sold in physical boutiques.

The start-up has just closed a €1 million round of financing with renowned business angels from its target industries and BPI France. This financing will enable them to pursue their development and establish their legitimacy in the healthcare and luxury sectors. They have also recruited an experienced marketing manager to complete the team, which now numbers 12 people, 9 of whom work on their augmented reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies.

In addition to funds, Xavier was able to mobilize new skills and networks, as he is convinced of the importance of human encounters. At a trade show, he had no hesitation in calling on Anthony Morel – BFM Business’s tech journalist – to present his first models of headphones, which were not yet on the market. An audacity that brought him to the channel’s set a few weeks after this impromptu demo.

Similarly, he tells us that meeting his mentor at Réseau Entreprendre was decisive in MyFit Solutions’ early success. It’s these exchanges and discussions that Xavier comes to H7 for, to learn from others and challenge his own ideas. Tailor-made support to help you develop your start-up on a large scale.

This fund-raising is another milestone for Xavier Deshayes and his team. This success has led to many others, such as the prospect of deploying their solutions in new sectors such as mechanical engineering, remote maintenance and new consumer goods. To achieve its ambition of becoming the leader in product personalization through 3D mobile acquisition, MyFit Solutions will undoubtedly be exploring new markets and raising further funds.

Sana Chennoufi


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