Rethinking school and career guidance: the challenge of Hupso and Hello Charly

26 September 2023


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Fatma Chouaieb, co-founder of Hello Charly, and Arnaud Gracieux, founder of Hupso, share a conviction: guidance must be accessible, personalized and effective, for everyone. Find out more about their career paths.

To help others find their way, they have both taken the path of entrepreneurship. Fatma co-founded Hello Charly, a chatbot dedicated to guidance for young people aged 14 to 30. Arnaud is the founder of Hupso, an Edtech start-up specializing in distance vocational training for jobs in short supply.

Together, they share their views on the school and career guidance and reorientation process, and present existing solutions to help you find your way.

Sana Chennoufi


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