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21 February 2023


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Discover Sopht, WeCount and Odiss – three innovative solutions to support organizations in their low-carbon transition.

Numerous studies point the finger at corporate responsibility for the current climate crisis . With a view to reducing their impact, solutions are emerging to help them meet the challenges of climate change. Sopht, WeCount and Odiss, three French start-ups with an impact, are committed at different levels to the fight against global warming and share a common ambition: provide concrete solutions for economic players to reduce their environmental impact.

In 2016, a quarter of French companies acknowledged the high environmental impact of their activity . A global impact, caused among other things by overprinting, IT equipment, mass purchasing, waste production and the resources used to run the company. Seven years later, this observation is still valid. In 2022, less than 5% of French companies had defined a trajectory compatible with the Paris Agreement, the international treaty on global warming adopted by 196 parties in 2015.

Faced with a lack of time and resources, and a host of uncertainties, most companies find themselves at a loss, and in need of pragmatic, innovative support.

Measure your organization’s footprint with WeCount

“The climate academy for businesses” is how WeCount, a French start-up specializing in measuring companies’ carbon footprints, defines itself. WeCount offers professionals a hybrid training and educational platform to help them assess their carbon footprint and establish an appropriate climate strategy .

As the founders realized, there was a lack of skills in-house, and employees were lost in identifying their main source of CO2 emissions. WeCount’s first challenge is therefore to train employees, so that they have the maximum resources at their disposal to identify and take action.

For 3 months, WeCount offers employees face-to-face group days, individual coaching and expert input. Step by step, the company and its committed employees collect data, measure CO2 emissions, analyze the carbon footprint and define an action plan. An ideal strategy for engaging employees in change. “At WeCount, we have a very strong customer relationship, and a real feeling for getting people on board with change. Our aim is to help them turn a corner”, explains Marine Fouquet, Partner and CTO.

By the end of WeCount’s support, 95% of customers have committed to a trajectory compatible with the Paris Agreement .

2 concrete actions to implement, by Marine Fouquet, Partner and CTO of WeCount

→ Draw up a carbon footprint

→ Involve the entire value chain (employees, suppliers, customers) in change

Decarbonize your company’s IT with the Sopht platform

Did you know? The digital sector emits twice as many greenhouse gases as civil aviation. The digital transformation of our world has revolutionized our personal and professional practices, but it has also created new sources of pollution for our planet. Cloud, servers, computers, software: by 2030, IT will account for 10% of corporate greenhouse gas emissions .

Sopht’s mission is to help companies decarbonize their IT, by enabling them to dynamically manage their IT environmental footprint and automate their decarbonization trajectory. Their ambition: to become the leading GreenOps platform that supports CIOs on their value platform .

In practice, the company helps you to define a decarbonization trajectory for IT-related impact, and to track and manage your indicators via a GreenOps platform. We start by collecting 360° data on the entire IT value chain (user and IT equipment, usage, cloud, digital presence, network).

Based on these data, the decarbonization trajectory is managed in a distributed manner (definition, allocation and management of reduction targets to the ISD’s main stakeholders).

Sopht is tackling a complex value chain: the approach is part of a drive to transform the company’s practices, making them more sober and more in line with today’s challenges . Since 2021, when the company was launched, Sopht has already won over major banking, pharmaceutical and industrial leaders.

3 concrete actions to implement, by Jérémie Veg, co-founder of Sopht

→ Extend the lifespan of equipment (smartphones, computers, tablets…)

→ Opt for reconditioned rather than new equipment.

Raising employee awareness of collective and individual environmental impact.”

Extend the life of your IT equipment with Odiss

“Is the equipment you have satisfactory for your use of computers?” That’s the question Odiss asks its customers. At a time when companies are renewing their hardware every 3, 4 or 5 years, Odiss offers IT audits and refurbishment services for defective equipment .

There are two reasons why companies regularly change their equipment. Firstly, computers are like bowls that fill up as you use them. Malware, hidden files, updates, useless software – the list is long, and the computer’s power is affected. Secondly, companies are not immune to defective purchases, poorly assembled computers or parts that need changing. The Odiss solution guarantees an extra 3 years of life for your IT equipment.

Opting for refurbishment rather than replacement means reducing the overall impact by 30%. With this in mind, the company imposes the same rules on itself as it does on its customers: with them, the lifespan of a computer is 10 years.

2 concrete actions to implement, by Alexandre Maurin, founder of Odiss

→ Local mail archiving

→ Give preference to the use of Wi-Fi

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