Web3: assess opportunities and get started

Go from 0 to 1 with Gilles Fedak, co-founder of iExec, a French Web3 pioneer offering a unique and innovative solution to protect and enhance your digital assets. In this episode, discover Gilles’ background and the story behind the creation of iExec, as he shares his advice and vision on :

iExec and H7: the first Web3 Incubator comes to an end

The result of a partnership between iExec and H7, the first edition of the Web3 Incubator, launched in October 2022, is drawing to a close. After 6 months’ support, the three incubated start-ups – LAfricaMobile, Wearspaces and Ziplo – presented their solutions at a dedicated evening event. Kelly Green, start-up manager at H7, tells us what was at stake and …